CSV import and API: 2 news features!

Two new features have been rolled out, both having to do with getting data in and out of MyOwnDB. We're very excited about this! It is now possible to import data from a CSV file through a very simple procedure:
  1. upload your CSV file
  2. link columns in the CSV file to fields in your database table
  3. get an overview of the import: number of rows imported and number of rows rejected
Rows can be rejected due to data validation exceptions, for example:
  • trying to import text in an integer field
  • trying to import an invalid email address in an email field
  • trying to import invalid data in a choice in list field
  • ...
Soon to come is the ability to undo an import. To get data out of MyOwnDB, we just rolled out a simple REST API. This is currently limited to listing entries in one table, with filtering options. Actually it uses the same code generating lists in the web UI. To get to the list of entries in one of your tables, send a GET request to http://www.myowndb.com/app/rest/simple/v1/instances?id=ENTITY_ID&api_key... where you replace ENTITY_ID by the id you find in the url when looking at the list of entries. For example, in this URL: http://www.myowndb.com/app/entities/list/3770 the ENTITY_ID is 3770. You can find you API_KEY on your settings page. It is possible to filter entries returned based on values in 1 column. A multiple columns filter will be made available in a future version. Parameters recognised are:
  • order_b: column to order by
  • detail_filter: column to filter by
  • value_filter: value to filter with
  • callback: function in which the json will be wrapped (aka JSONP
  • starts_with: by default, the filter is comparing the start of the values. If you don't want this, pass no as value for this parameter
  • ends_with: pass yes to filter on the end of the values
We hope you enjoy these additions!