Eating my own dogfood with public forms

There's a feature in MyOwnDB that was there from the start, but maybe not publicised enough: you can publish a entry form for each of your tables. And in this form, you get all data validation! No bogus email will make it in your database! (well, email validation is regexp based, so it's not 100% safe, but it'll limit the errors). And I'm using this functionality in the contact page at You can leave your data so we can contact you back. As this is a form with some functionalities, you need to include it in an iframe if you want to include it in your page, like this: Here is the code to get this form in the page:

Not bad, is it? You can verify data validation is working: enter a bogus email and click submit or focus another input field: the email is highlighted. Only when you enter a valid email address can the form be submitted. So, you have an easy way to give (and get) feedback. Use it! :-)