YUI based slideshow

As I wanted to add a slideshow on the MyOwnDB homepage, I started looking for a ready made solution, but as I didn't find exactly what I wanted, but also because I was curious of how it could be done, I started coding one based on YUI. I wanted a slideshow that enabled me to:
  • load slides on demand, so not all slides had to be embedded in the page
  • choose the effect used during the slides transitions
  • have pictures as well as HTML slides
After some tweaking and searching, I have been able to publish it, with a demonstration page also available. Most of the time I lost was due to IE not treating the opacity CSS property correctly. I was setting the opacity like
The solution is provided by with the setStyle method:
YAHOO.util.Dom.setStyle(el, 'opacity', '1');
which handles all cross browsers differences, including IE's lack of opacity support. This is the kind of details that makes it enjoyable to develop with YUI. Another positive point for YUI was its Connection Manager which made the addition of remote on demand slides a breeze to implement. The possibility to pass an argument to the callback methods was very useful in the 0.2 release which has been released to correct a bug encountered when several slideshows are present on one page, and at least one of them has slides to load on demand.