Enhance your javascript knowledge online!

Until now I've been using javascript as a simple language to get Ajax features, but as I used it I discovered interesting features and got really interested to know more. As the JDK 6 has rhino included, you can also use javascript and get access too all Java libraries, which makes javascript knowledge even more interesting. A really great resource to know more about the power of javascript and how to use it effectively is the series of presentations by Douglas Crockford made available online by Yahoo. There are 3 presentations splitted in 3 or 4 videos each:
  • The javascript programming language is a presentation of the origin of the language, how it evolved, and explains some design errors in the language and why they're in the standard
  • An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the Dom was the presentation that captivated me the least, though you'll get some interesting info out of it.
  • Advanced javascript is really very interesting and not to be missed if you want to know how to exploit the language's power. The second video has a part about debugging, and explains how to get the Microsoft Office javascript debugger which seems to be the best solution to debug in IE, although you'll see it's not easy to find. The third video talks about performance, minification, JSON.
It's really great to have this available online for free. You get access to a javascript training of high quality. Well done Yahoo!