New table listing deployed

With this deployment, the first step of a transition to using YUI datatable is completed. Not all tables have been migrated yet, but it won't take long to complete the transition. To start, here's a screenshot of the new table: Compare this to the old one: Click on the images to get the full size view. Notable differences are:
  • the pop-out icon disappeared, will possibly return in the future
  • You can change the size of the list
  • Pagination links are both on top and at the bottom of the list
  • With very long lists, the pagination links are much better managed and not all links are displayed
  • Pagination links include first and last links
  • You not only know how many items there are, but also on which page and which items are currently displayed
  • Ordering in descending order is now possible
And most importantly, this is a foundation for new features to come!