There's nothing like going live

You can prepare everything as good as you want you'll always discover something when your application goes live and gets used by other people that beta tester. That's why I'm happy of the interest and the number of people signing up for a free account, and most of all, of the limited number of problems encountered. True, we've made 3 updates to the applications in the last 24 hours, but those fixed all issues encountered by users. The most annoying problem is that we can't accept details named "id", as it clashes with our internal structure. This shouldn't be a big problem as you don't have to create fields for primary keys yourself, those are handled internally. If you have a field to store an id, the best advise is to prefix this with the type of object this id relates to, for example "Part id". Those three updates also show the power of web applications: you can roll out new versions as fast as you can produce stable versions. No worries for users, and they get the latest functionalities. That's it for now. But be sure to check regularly, as bigger updates are coming!