Slides from FOSDEM talk

Here are the slides of the talk I gave in the Ruby devroom at FOSDEM 2009. As usual, FOSDEM was a great place to meet fellow developers. It was was first talk there, and I enjoyed it a lot!

Talking at FOSDEM

I'll have the opportunity to give a talk about Dedomenon, MyOwnDB's engine, at FOSDEM on sunday at 11:15. This will be about the inner workings of Dedomenon and will be technical.

Slides of T-Dose talk

The talk at T-Dose when well, and gave an interesting discussion about the possible use of Mysql to power a Dedomenon installation, which came down to the need of an equivalent of tablefunc module with its crosstab function for mysql to make it happen. Here are the slides, in pdf format.

MyOwnDB at T-Dose

On saturday 25 october, Raphaël will give a talk on Dedomenon, the engine powering, at T-Dose. T-Dose being a event focused on open source technologies, the talk will focus on Dedomenon, our engine available under the AGPLv3 license at
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