MyOwnDB Promo activities

It's a busy week for MyOwnDB promo, as I was yesterday as the Web Startup Day where I talked about MyOwnDB to various participants, and got very interesting feedback and reactions.

And tomorrow, I'll present MyOwnDB at Boostcamp, an initiative by the Microsoft Innovation Center. We'll see what they think of it as it's not using any Microsoft product, but it'll be a good exercise in any case!

Loud Thinking

I'm not lazy at writing neither I'm bad. But I do not have my personal blog! Because I wont be updating it much! Developing a REST API on top of MyOwnDB was our prime decision to make it integrate able to a number of products/services. And that way, we want to be the memory of Web 2.0! We've been working with the REST API for sometime now and it was a leap from a concept to its application to MyOwnDB within the Rails framework. We had to make many interesting design decisions and for that, I explored top ten REST API's available including Twiter, Google, Flicker and many more.

MyOwnDB at T-Dose

On saturday 25 october, Raphaël will give a talk on Dedomenon, the engine powering MyOwnDB.com, at T-Dose. T-Dose being a event focused on open source technologies, the talk will focus on Dedomenon, our engine available under the AGPLv3 license at dedomenon.org.


Hello World! Well its not the usual hello world program but some blog entries might also start with this phrase! And if in doubt, this entry is the proof! We are working on MyOwnDB that's obvious! But title says YourOwnDB? No we are not renaming it at all, rather its to convey that if it is in your own lingo, its more yours! So actually I'm talking about the localization. I'd not rephrase all about the importance of localization of software especially if its the one like MyOwnDB. When we started with MyOwnDB, it was Rails 1.2 and there was no suitable localization solution around.

Web 2.0 traffic watch list

MyOwnDB is progressing in Seth Godin's Web 2.0 Traffic Watch List to 595th position. Although this is not a remarkable result, and the list has to be regarded with usual caution, it's good to see MyOwnDB progress.
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