www.myowndb.com - feature http://www.myowndb.com/taxonomy/term/17/0 en Improved CSV import http://www.myowndb.com/node/65 <p>A new improved version of the CSV import feature has been deployed. You can now specifiy which field separator should be used, and empty records are now reported along the number of invalid reacord and created records.</p> <p>Check it out, and <a href="/contacten">get in touch</a> if you encounter any problem!</p> http://www.myowndb.com/node/65#comments csv feature import Mon, 22 Mar 2010 13:06:54 +0000 rb 65 at http://www.myowndb.com Notifications are now available! http://www.myowndb.com/blog/p/49 A notification feature has been added to MyOwnDB, which currently lets you subscribe to new entry creations. Subscribing is very easy: go the the listing of the entries, and at the top you'll see a button labeled "Update Subscriptions" which will display the available subscriptions and their status. Currently, the only subscription proposed is for the creation of new entries, but the framework is very flexible and new notifications can be easily added. http://www.myowndb.com/blog/p/49#comments dedomenon feature myowndb News Fri, 11 Dec 2009 12:51:15 +0000 rb 44 at http://www.myowndb.com CSV import and API: 2 news features! http://www.myowndb.com/blog/p/45 Two new features have been rolled out, both having to do with getting data in and out of MyOwnDB. We're very excited about this! It is now possible to import data from a CSV file through a very simple procedure: <ol> <li>upload your CSV file</li> <li>link columns in the CSV file to fields in your database table</li> <li>get an overview of the import: number of rows imported and number of rows rejected</li> </ol> Rows can be rejected due to data validation exceptions, for example: <ul> <li>trying to import text in an integer field</li> <li>trying to import an invalid email add<p><a href="http://www.myowndb.com/blog/p/45" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.myowndb.com/blog/p/45#comments code dedomenon feature javascript News webservices Thu, 26 Mar 2009 15:26:22 +0000 rb 42 at http://www.myowndb.com