MyOwnDB Promo activities

It's a busy week for MyOwnDB promo, as I was yesterday as the Web Startup Day where I talked about MyOwnDB to various participants, and got very interesting feedback and reactions.

And tomorrow, I'll present MyOwnDB at Boostcamp, an initiative by the Microsoft Innovation Center. We'll see what they think of it as it's not using any Microsoft product, but it'll be a good exercise in any case!

Upgrade to YUI3.1

I just deployed a new version of the application, based on YUI3.1 that was released this week.

Although no change should be visible at this time, YUI 3.1 will help bring the public entry forms to the next stage. Watch this space for updates!

Layout based on YUI Grids bring better browser support

A new version of the application has just now been deployed, which brings the page layout managed with YUI Grids. This should correct some problems with IE rendering. Let me know if you encounter any trouble, eg by filling the form below. I have notifications enabled on the form, so you should get fast response.

New forms code deployed

Although you shouldn't see any difference, the entry forms in MyOwnDB are now generated by a totally different code, and are actually full javascript forms. This change offers a lot of opportunities for the future, especially for integrating the public forms in websites, and is the first step in the large-scale code update that is currently occuring.

A new home!

Today we migrated the myowndb application to new hardware. This change brings multiple benefits. One of them is that the server hosting the app until now was getting old. MyOwnDB was started more than 2 years ago now, and has been running on the same server since the launch. Although it's a good indication that you don't need high-end hardware to run this app, more recent hardware will let us improve performance, and bring more CPU intensive features. Another benefit is that with the migration, we took the opportunity to streamline the deployment of new versions.
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