A tool for human managed databases

Quickly design and manage your data from the comfort of your browser.

Screenshot of the app filled with dummy data

Structure your data

Define the data to be stored in your database, and define relations without your data, without the need to master database concepts like foreign keys.

Data types making sense to the user

Use data types like email, web URL, file attachment, a choice in a list and more. With more to come!

Attach files to entries

A file attachment is a data type as another. Attach file to your database entries just the same as you enter text information.

Get the help you need

Most screens in the application propose a page tour describing features available at the press of a button.

Multi-user system

Manage the users of the application, deciding who has administration rights.


The application is fully localisable, with currently english and french translations available.


The application is Free Software (Open Source) and you can host the application yourself.

Public forms

Collect data from your website directly to MyOwnDB by including a responsive form in your website. Easily embed the form with a specific Web Component

Mail notifications

You can subscribe to get notifications when data is created, expecially useful for public forms to ensure you can promtly send replies.

CSV support

Import and export data to and from MyOwnDB in the CSV format.

Support options

Get standard community support, or request premium support if needed.

Pricing is upcoming

MyOwnDB is going through an evolution, looking to provide a sustainable offering. That is why we are currently working on our pricing. In the meantime, you can use MyOwnDB for free. We do our best to make it reliably available, like we've done for the last 17 years, but we can't provide any guarantee though.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you

Our email address is info at myowndb.com.

You can also contact us via this form, which is powered by MyOwnDB